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Why I Love This Stage That Comes After Newborn And Before Toddler

I am obsessed with my younger daughter. Okay, fine. I’m actually obsessed with both my daughters but I absolutely love this infant stage that my youngest is at. She’s no longer a newborn and not yet a toddler. She is at the perfect part of infancy.

Why is it so perfect? I can give you so many reasons but I’ll try to stick to the top five:

She is sleeping longer through the night. She still gets up during the night and there are some days that she just doesn’t want to sleep but overall, its leaps and bounds better than before. Sleep makes everything better. So, so, so much better.

She finally has nursing all figured out. Breastfeeding is my Achilles heel. It doesn’t come naturally to me and it’s a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. While it’s still not easy, it has become a lot more manageable. My daughter is no longer struggling at the breast and gets the job done much faster than when she was a newborn. Hooray for progress!

She laughs and giggles and coos. It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and heard. I love that she has started interacting with people around her and it literally makes my heart melt when she gives me one of her chubby faced smiles. And her giggles are the best sound ever!

She fits perfectly in my arms. I’m trying to hold onto this stage and freeze it into my  memory forever. I know that far too soon she will no longer fit so flawlessly into the cradle of my arms like she does right now. Nothing will ever compare to the feeling of holding my little babies and I'm dreading the day when she outgrows it.

She’s not yet mobile. Thank goodness for that! She’s so close to turning over that it scares me but so far, she’s still always in the same place I’ve left her.  When my first was a baby, I couldn’t wait for her to start turning over, crawling, walking – that sort of thing. Now I know better. A mobile baby is a tiring baby!

I can’t wait to see the little person that my baby will one day become but right now, I just want her to stay my baby for as long as possible.

My little baby that thinks I’m her entire world just like she and her sister and are mine.