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The Internet Has Become My BFF

Meet my new friend Playtex Mommyville

Night-time feedings suck. There’s just no other way to put it. It’s no fun at all to be sleep-deprived and there is nothing appealing about constantly being woken up in the middle of the night.

But (FYI, there is always a but)….

I’m all about trying to make the best out of bad situations. Which is why I’ve figured out something that actually makes my night-time feedings much more pleasant. These feedings have become my time to read mommy sites online. Multitasking at its finest, obviously.

The Internet has basically become my lifeline to the world of parenting.

I don’t know any mom who isn’t constantly online — either trying to figure out the best products for every single situation that arises, or checking to ensure baby is meeting important milestones, or maybe just connecting with other moms. The Internet has become the new town square and mommies are reaping the benefits.

Which is exactly why I was so eager to share my love affair with the newly re-launched Playtex Mommyville site when they asked me for feedback. It is a one-stop online destination for moms who want information, advice, and easy solutions for both the joys and challenges of motherhood.

My favourite way to get information is going online because it’s quick and easy. I don’t have to wait for someone to get back to me or have to go anywhere to get an answer. And another bonus? The Internet doesn’t judge you. Even when you type in, “What happens if I accidentally just let my daughter drink water out of the same cup that my cat was furiously lapping water from? Is she going to get some crazy cat disease?” Not that it’s ever happened to me. But if it did, I could go online instead of asking friends who might get all judgy and grossed out.

Mommyville provides you with real answers from real moms in their Mommytalk section. Questions such as, “How much caffeine do breastfeeding mommies allow themselves?” Seriously, now that’s a good question. I get worried with my own occasional cup and it’s a relief knowing I’m not the only one sneaking some into my day.

And who hasn’t looked up symptoms when her child is feeling unwell? It’s the first thing I do when my daughter is sick! But what usually happens is that I get a boatload of completely disturbing information that scares the bejesus out of me and half of it is untrue. That’s why I especially love Cindy’s Corner on Mommyville, where their registered nurse provides advice that is both accurate and reliable.

Another thing I really enjoy about the Mommyville site are detailed reviews on essential items such as bottles, meal time products, and pacifiers. You can actually get extensive information before spending any of your hard-earned money. I think I went through dozens of pacifiers with my oldest daughter – I wish I’d had this resource back then!

Speaking of my oldest daughter, have you ever forgotten the lyrics to a lullaby you just sang a few days ago? I’m not sure if it’s mommy brain or just my bad memory, but it happens to me all the time. Last night, I couldn’t recall the words to Hush Little Baby, which is my daughter’s favourite nighttime song. The song she just absolutely had to hear last night. The song I couldn’t freaking remember the dumb words to. Argh. Thankfully, I was able to go on Mommyville where they have lullaby lyrics posted right on the site in the Mommy’s Little Helpers section. How insanely brilliant is that? It spared an epic meltdown at my house, that’s for sure.

There are some things in life that I would be a mess without — coffee, ballet flats, carpet cleaner. But hands down, one of the most important things in my life right now is my laptop. It is my lifeline to the world of parenting and makes me feel less isolated, especially when I’m just at home with my babies. That’s why I’m thankful for mommy sites like Playtex Mommyville (and of course YMC) that make me realize I’m not alone in this parenting game. Even if it does require an Internet connection.