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I May Be A Mother But I Still Need Mine

A Mother's love

After my daughter was born, my mother stayed with me for an entire two months. Two freaking months and it was ah-mazing.

I come from a culture where women traditionally went to their parents’ home to give birth and recuperate but because it wasn't feasible for me to go back home, my mom came to stay with me. It is absolutely and without a doubt, the best thing possible after having a baby.

Culturally, giving birth entitles a woman to six weeks of ‘time off’ from the everyday hassles of life. This time is used to focus solely on getting stronger and bonding with the newborn baby. With my oldest daughter, my mom stayed a month but because of some complications this time around, she stayed another month longer to help out.

I didn’t have to worry about my toddler feeling left out with the arrival of her baby sister. She had her grandmother around to remind her just how special and loved she was. I never had to worry about bathing a newborn without irritating my Caesarean section stitches. My mother bathed my baby until I could move around without pain.

She helped me get through those first few lonely nights when your baby never sleeps and you’re so unbelievably sleep-deprived. Better yet, she told me to go nap when I looked exhausted and needed a break from my two children. She changed more diapers in the first few weeks than both myself and my husband. She cooked, cleaned, and washed endless piles of laundry.

I don’t know what I would have done without my mom in the weeks after having both of my daughters and I commend all of you who do it without any help. I’m just grateful I never had to do it without her.

I don’t think we really realize just how much our parents care about us until we become parents ourselves. Even more importantly, we don’t realize just how much we need our parents until we have children of our own.

It makes me think that maybe I should have been….ahem, easier….during my younger years. Sorry, Mom. I totally owe you one.