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Introducing Baby Sister To Her Big Sister

The Bonds of Sisterhood

’’A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.’’

- Isadora James


I have an almost three-year-old daughter and just recently gave birth to my second daughter. You can imagine I was more than a bit apprehensive about how the dynamics of this would all play out. I had been forewarned by more experienced parents to expect it to take some time before my toddler warmed up to her new baby sister. I was ready for tears, drama, and the inevitable drawn out battle I’d have to endure. Fortunately though, I’d forgotten something very important about my precious older daughter. Something crucial to this new relationship—she takes after mommy.

All it takes to win her over is something new and sparkly.

Yep, I’m easy like that and so, it seems, is my daughter. A few well thought out gifts from her baby sister and my toddler was sold. She couldn’t get enough of “her baby” and would tell anyone with a willing ear about all the pretty gifts she received from her.

Her baby sister was kind enough to bring her a glittery “big sister” shirt with dazzling pink and purple lettering. How awesome that the baby knew her favourite colours and they hadn’t even met before. I would have to say it was serendipitous, wouldn’t you? And who could forget the talking doll so Seanna would have her own baby to take care of? A genius idea and I commend Aryanna for getting it so damn right, even at her age. The icing on the cake was the pack of chapstick or "lipstick" as my toddler likes to think of it as. Lipstick is somewhat of an obsession right now and the new baby nailed it. Whoever says money (and gifts) can’t buy love has never met an easily pleased toddler before (and before anyone gets upset with me, I’m only kidding…sorta).

Since the first time she met her, my oldest daughter has taken to her new role as a big sister like a true superstar. She helps change diapers, she pats her baby sister’s back after feedings, and she’s the first one to run when Aryanna starts crying. She patiently explains about each character from her favourite cartoon and at the same time, is careful not to let the dog or cat get too close. She secretly steals kisses when she thinks I’m not looking and already has conversations with her that only an older sister could. It melts my heart like nothing ever has before.

Today, I witnessed another special moment. When Aryanna began to cry, my oldest daughter ran to her and told her new sister, “It’s okay, Aryanna. I’m here and I’m holding your hand.” And just like that, she calmed down her new baby sister.

And she brought tears to her mommy’s eyes.