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6 Excellent Gifts for Expectant Mothers

The Best Presents for Pregnant Women Include Pampering And Chocolate.

pregnant christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Look around you, everything and everyone is festive and jolly and joyous. Or I should say, almost everyone. I’m in my last trimester and I’m sorta wavering on that joyous part. Right now, I’m just feeling uncomfortable and more like a turtle that gets stuck on its back every so often. Not so bad that it’s not manageable but not so fun either.

That’s why I figure I need to do something to get me more into the Christmas spirit. A little something just for me and other pregnant mommies-to-be. I wager most of us have already started on our Christmas shopping lists. We need to buy for husbands and partners, children, parents, mailmen, teachers, and basically everyone else we’ve ever communicated with for more than five minutes. I am willing to bet money on the fact that the majority of us have braved the already massive crowds at the mall to get cracking on the endless list of gifts we need to buy other people.

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Well, stop the madness! I’ve created a list of the top six gifts (because five is so five minutes ago) just for pregnant women! Just for us! It’s okay to take some time to be selfish for a minute and think of which gifts you’d like under your Christmas tree. It might even make you momentarily forget that turtle feeling!

  • A gift certificate for a pregnancy massage. Seriously, this is what every mommy needs and not even just the pregnant ones. An hour long break from life while someone works on your tired muscles is probably any mommy’s idea of a wild time.
  • Housekeeping services. Getting the pregnant woman in your life (ahem, husband) some cleaning services while she’s less flexible than an elephant is an excellent idea. She will love you for saving her the agony of trying to scrub a tub with a large belly impeding her way.
  • A gift certificate to our favourite restaurant. If it means we don’t have to cook, we will thank you endlessly for it. Double points if you take care of the babysitting, too.
  • The comfiest slippers you can find. Feet hurt when women are pregnant for some inexplicable reason, even if we're not on them all day. All I know is that they feel sore and need pampering. Buying the coziest pair of slippers we can slip our tootsies into will guarantee a spot in our good books. If you find a cute pair of flats, you might want to grab those as well.
  • Chocolate. We can’t have wine or coffee or champagne, but we can still have our chocolate. The best quality chocolate you can manage, please and thank you. We’re not picky and will take it any form we can get—hot chocolate, truffles, cake (you get the point).
  • A makeover. Nothing makes me feel as nice as getting a new haircut and even better if I get my makeup professionally done, too. I’m sure a lot of other women feel the same way. You really can’t go wrong by surprising us with a new look to match the new baby we’re about to have.

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There's my list of the best presents for pregnant women. What's on yours?

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