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Roasted Potatoes with Cremini Mushrooms and Green Beans

McCain Makes Side Dishes easy and delicious

I'll be honest, when I was asked to review McCain's latest entry into the frozen vegetable aisle I was super skeptical. I've always had a problem with vegetables from the freezer. Not in a 'oh-my-gosh I'm SO above eating anything that's not fresh' kind of way but, really, it's just that I've just never enjoyed them. I have been served many a stir-fried rice ruined with frozen peas and corn, insulted by restaurants who serve freezer-burned carrots, terrorized by mushy piles of defrosted broccoli. As I said, skeptical.

McCain Harvest Splendour Medley’s are available in four varieties: Potato and Carrot, Potato and Broccoli, Three Potato, and Yukon Gold Potato and Mushroom. I was really intrigued to see the mushroom medley as it isn't a vegetable I normally associate with the frozen variety. Since I knew the potato half of the equation should be a cinch, I was really interested to see how the rest of the vegetables came out. 

One of the nice things with these side dishes is there isn't much fuss or worry. Tossed in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes, it's a super-simple way to get a healthy side dish on the table to go along with any dinner. 

The vegetable medley came with its own seasoning pack and just needed to be tossed in a bowl with a light drizzle of oil. It included Yukon Gold potatoes, roasted cremini mushrooms, green beans and red onions. It smelled absolutely delicious as we pulled it out of the oven, and I was really hopeful when I saw how appetizing the roasted vegetables looked. Just the right caramelization level on the onions and the mushrooms hadn't disintegrated despite being in the oven long enough to cook the potatoes.

I can't say I ate too much of the dish, as my daughter Emily absolutely devoured it. My initial thought was that if you hadn't told me it was a frozen vegetable product, I wouldn't know it. And really, what more can you ask from a dish from the freezer? It was tasty, nutritious and entirely consumed. I'm sure we'll be adding these into our rotation as an easy side dish option at our dinner table.

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