Gav Martell: He’s in the Kitchen


Mother's Day 101

Dads, this Mother’s Day turn the table on mom… the kitchen table!

It’s time to rally the troops and create a feast she will never forget! And this year, instead of the usual recipes prepared by moms, for moms, I'm here to lead the way, and share some of my best recipes and tips. It IS possible for Dads and children to combine forces in the kitchen to create Mother’s Day magic—I've been doing it for years!

I've compiled a few of my favourite recipes, that dads and kids can make together followed by some tips to the dad who isn’t so experienced in the kitchen.
Easy-to-make Mother's Day recipes:

 Sweet Potato Biscuits

 The Great Plains Omelet

 Heavenly Chocolate Cake

 Pasta Shells with Mushrooms, Asparagus and Boursin Sauce 

Some Mother's Day cooking tips:
Keep it simple. You don't need to prepare a gourmet feast to wow her. If most of your cooking is normally done by Mom, just letting her kick up her feet and not have to worry about making a meal will be a welcome relief. You don't need to make an 8-course meal. Keep it in your comfort zone!

The internet is your best friend. Find easy to make recipes, learn how to cut up vegetables, discover cute ways to plate your meal. The internet = your friend. It is full of food blogs and videos that will step you through your biggest cooking fears. 

Get the kids involved. Sure they will make a mess and break a few eggs along the way—but it'll make it memorable for them and mom as well.

Presentation is key. A silver tray, a lit candle, a cut rose, a cloth napkin... Anything that let's her know that today is special because of her will win you points. It just requires a little forethought and planning.

Dessert. Dessert. Dessert. The way to every woman's heart. Find out what she loves and get it for her. You don't have to bake it if you're cocnerned about messing it up. Make a stop at the bakery and pickup her favourite treat. Don't serve it from the box or bag you bring it home in - plate it, dust with icing sugar and make it the perfect finish to your Mother's Day meal.

Sometimes you have to trust the chef. You can thank me later!