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5 Tips To Help Get Your BBQ Ready For Summer

Give your grill the spring cleaning it deserves

As the weather warms, many people decide it's an appropriate time to thoroughly clean whatever cobwebs and junk piles have accumulated over the winter. For me it always means cleaning out the garage, the shed, and the porch. It's also a great habit for spring cleaning to include your outdoor grill!

According to the 25th Annual Weber Canadian GrillWatch™ Survey, Canadians are avid and passionate grillers with (84%) grilling at least once a week during barbecue season. However, while 56% of Canadian grillers understand that there is a specific way to clean a gas grill, only a very few (17%) know what that means and what is involved. 

To help keep your grill in tip-top shape, the experts at Weber Grills have prepared some easy tips to help you spring clean and fine-tune your grilling machine. 

As a basic first step, grills should be cleaned before each use. Burn off any residue by turning the grill on high for about 10-15 minutes, and then brush the cooking grates with a stiff wire grill brush. Your spring cleaning will take a little more elbow grease.

Here are five easy steps to follow to keep your gas grill in top shape: 

  1. Clear the burner tubes of any blockages: A blockage can be anything from spider webs or debris inside the manifolds or burner tubes that restrict gas flow and may prevent the igniter from lighting. To clean tubes, brush the portholes with a stainless steel wire brush in an up and down motion. Do not brush lengthwise across the ports, as this will only push debris from one hole to another. 

  2. Clean the heat distribution system: Many grills contain heat distribution systems, such as Flavorizer bars, to help prevent flare-ups. To clean them, simply turn your grill on high and allow the residue to burn off. Occasionally brush the bars with a grill brush or scrape with a putty knife. Then wipe with a cloth and warm soapy water. 

  3. Clean the warming racks: A soapy, fine steel wool pad will keep the warming racks and grill basket clean and free of smoke stains and debris. Rub the racks gently and then rinse thoroughly. 

  4. Carefully scrape the inside of the grill with a putty knife: Push the residue through the bottom hole, then remove the bottom tray from under the grill and empty debris in a trash can. To thoroughly clean the tray, use warm soapy water and a fine steel wool pad. Make sure you also clean the catch pan and replace the liner monthly, or as needed. 

  5. Clean grease drippings on exterior surfaces: Use mild, soapy water. Never use an abrasive lemon-based solution or oven-cleaner, as it can scratch the stainless steel or remove the paint finish. If you have a stainless steel finish, use an environmentally friendly stainless steel cleaner and a soft cloth to remove fingerprints and give it a nice shine. For porcelain enamel finishes, use a cloth and warm soapy water. 

Lastly, to keep your grill in top shape always remember to protect your grill from the elements by investing in a durable, weather-resistant cover. Happy grilling!

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