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Superhero Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Send yourself a Superhero Wake-up call

I wasn't always a superhero. Breakfasts used to consist of whatever I could grab and stuff in my gob before running out the door on my way to work in the morning. However, after a visit to Ireland last year, eating good-for-you food and having some wonderful conversations with people about how important good food is for you mind, body and spirit. I decided I had finally had enough of eating foods that weren't fit for human consumption. Over the last year I've cut right back on my intake of anything that isn't made with natural and simple ingredients. Foods stuffed full of corn syrup, corn products, additives, and preservatives are completed gone from my diet.

Instead I'm reaching for things made from real, natural ingredients. I've replaced my poor food choices with a lot more whole grains, fresh produce, legumes and the like. This has resulted in weight loss, better fitness, and an overall feeling of being a kick-butt role model for my kids. I also hope it means that I stay healthy to stick around for the long haul.

In the mornings time is still of the essence, so I basically have a few rotating options. In general it includes cheese on toast, yogurt, almonds and the like. However, 3 days a week I make sure to enjoy the following Superhero Fruit Smoothie. It's also become one of my kids' favourites. It's based off of an episode of Alton Brown's Good Eats (Eps "Live & Let Diet") and encourages using a fruit from each colour group. fruits of like colour tend to be heavy in similar benefits.

I use a base of soy milk and acai or pomegranate juice for the liquid and then add the rest of my fruits in frozen. You can find them in the freezer section of the grocery store (I freeze my own bananas and other fruits when they are in season). If you throw the ingredients into the blender ahead of time (i.e., the night before) it will make a perfectly frosty smoothie when you blend it together in the morning. Sit back, enjoy, then don your cape and take on the day!


4 oz low fat, protein enriched soy milk
4 oz acai or pomegranate juice
1 frozen banana, cut in half
4 oz frozen blueberries
4 oz frozen strawberries
4 oz frozen peaches

 Pour soy milk and juice into blender 

 Add in frozen fruits and leave in fridge overnight

 In the morning blend on low for 60 seconds and then turn on high until smooth (about 60 more seconds).