Gav Martell: He’s in the Kitchen


A Perfect Gift: The New TASSIMO T47 Brewer

A father's day present that will keep giving back all year long

What do you buy for the man in your life who has everything? You buy him something to spoil YOU with.

Forget the BBQ utensils, fuzzy slippers, or singing bass — this Father's Day the TASSIMO T47 brewer with its patented barcode technology,is the perfect gift to turn the dad in your family into a coffee-making superhero. Sure you can pamper him a little on Father's Day, but it means for the other 364 days of the year he can be making you custom, café-quality drinks without any fuss or muss. With the brand new TASSIMO T47 brewer, he's just a push-of-a-button away from being your new barista with benefits!

My wife Ali is completely addicted to coffee. Iced coffee, frozen coffee, lattes, cappucinos, espressos, mistos... I can't keep up with her drink du jour. Inevitably I go to the café to pickup coffees for us on the weekend and ask her what she wants. "Surprise me" is the answer more often than not. Upon my return this is generally followed up with "You thought I'd want that?!" The beauty of the TASSIMO system is that it takes the guesswork out of coffee making at home. The system reads the barcode on the coffee T-Discs and custom makes your drinks for you. No messing with settings and dials. No levers, pumps or scalding hot nozzles for steamed milk. Just pop in the patented T-Disc, press the button, and you are up and brewing.

It means that I can make my wife a regular coffee, or something a little bit more complicated (or something that seems more complicated), and I don't even have to get out of my pajamas! And until someone invents coffee delivery (seriously—someone needs to invent that), this is just about the best that it gets. Happy Father's day, indeed.

The TASSIMO system comes in a number of different makes and models. I like the new T47 for its sleek appearance. If an appliance is going to take up real estate on my countertop day in and day out, I want it to look the part. It is also simple to use featuring TASSIMO’s patented barcode technology, which automatically adjusts water level, temperature, and brew time for the drink you are brewing. While many systems follow the same brew process, no matter what drink you are making, the TASSIMO barcode system allows the system to tailor fit every drink so that it's brewed just right every time.
The TASSIMO T-Discs come in a wide variety of beverage choices and brands meaning your man can now head to the kitchen to make you your drink of choice. No more trips out for coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, Americano, hot chocolate, or espressos. Dad is suddenly a one-button barista superhero. This Father’s Day get it for him, so he’ll make it for you.