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Top 5 Signs Your Wife May Have A Sons Of Anarchy Obsession

will there be a Harley in her future?

For those who have not yet been initiated into the world of leather wearing, bike riding, drug dealing, rival shooting, bike gangs — you're missing out. Sons of Anarchy has been building a legion of passionate fans in households across Canada and the U.S. My wife and I were so enthralled that we watched the first five season in a matter of weeks, often watching four episodes in an evening.

With fans anxiously awaiting season 6 to start up in September it can be a long wait until Jax and Tara are back on TV screens. In the meatime, here are five sure-fire ways to know if your wife is obsessed with the boys of SAMCRO:

Top 5 Signs Your Wife May Have A Sons Of Anarchy Obsession

Every morning she wakes up and asks excitedly if you've reached your mid-life crisis so that you can go out and buy that Harley already?

She sits the family down and announces that decisions are now all made by unanimous vote — but that she'll hold the gavel until the day she dies, dammit.

She sends you emails every day at work asking if you think this tatto is a little too dark for a soccer mom to sport:

She's constantly checking her rearview mirror, and when you ask why she nervously replies "The Mayans are everywhere, bro."

One day she turns to you and out of the blue asks you to grow one of these (me circa May 2013 — clearly still a work in progress):