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Grandma’s Secret: How To Get Kids To Eat Carrots And Eggs

Being tricky really helps!

how to get kids to eat carrots and eggs

It’s a well known fact that little kids generally turn up their noses at both eggs and carrots, unless these foods are disguised very, very well within other recipes (and even then you are not always successful). It’s a pity, because both these foods contain great nutrients.

I have two tricky ideas that I’d like to pass along to all the harried moms of stubborn little ones. What you are about to read are tried and true grandma recipes that will change your mealtime agony. Preparation is no more than six minutes (if that much) and four-, five-, and six-year-olds will beg for more (carrots and eggs).

Secret Recipe for Carrots:

  • Buy sweet organic carrots (big part of the secret).
  • Cut carrots into bite-size pieces.
  • Put into microwave container.
  • Microwave for one minute until carrots can be chewed without effort.
  • Put toothpicks (another secret ingredient) into each carrot piece and serve on a communal plate.

Trust me, these are so "tricky" that if there is more than one child eating, they will fight over how many pieces (and toothpicks) each gets.

P.S. My 11-year-old granddaughter is still disappointed if I don’t serve these carrots at family dinners. Go figure:)

Secret Recipe for Soft Boiled Eggs:

  • Make sure you have a collection of four or five really fun egg cups.
  • Advise the kids that they can have one egg cup per each egg they would like to eat. They love choosing their cup(s) and there are times that two eggs are eaten just so they can play with both cups.
  • Boil for 5-6 minutes. Please note: boiling refers to eggs, not the children.
  • Serve with toast soldiers (toast strips) for dipping.

Heh Heh. Grandma is tricky!

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