Evelyn Hannon: Aging Disgracefully


10 Reasons I Like Being Single On Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day I'm ultra aware of my aloneness

single on valentines day

On Valentine's Day, I am always ultra aware of my state of "aloneness." The other 364 daysnot so much. Honestly, after 32 years of flying solo, it feels very normal to me. I certainly understand the pleasures of having a partnerI did that for almost 25 years (some very good, some actually not so great). I most definitely appreciate the institute of marriage and, of course, see its value in society. In fact, if the right guy had come along when I was younger, I might even have tried it again. Today, as a 73-year-old grandmother? Absolutely. Positively. Not.

Here's why . . . 

1. On a sleepless night, I can get up, open all the lights, bring tea and crackers into bed, snack, and read for hours. I never have to worry about disturbing anyone or complaints about crumbs in bed.

2. When I need to talk, I have girlfriends who understand exactly what I mean and know exactly what will make me feel better. There isn't a guy in the worldas good as his hugs arewho understands in the same way.

3. Feeling unhappy? I can schlep around in my oldest, most worn and discoloured bathrobe all day and never, ever have to explain why to anybody.

4. If I want to spoil myself with a treat, there is absolutely no guilt. I earned it. I spend it.

5. I can flirt. Any time. Any place. With anyone.

6. Now that I am an older woman, I can wear bright red hats and purple everything and not feel I am embarrassing anybody but myself.

7. No more football. I don't have to hear or see anything pertaining to any kind of sports on TV again. Not even for a minute. Yay!

8. Movies? I can watch as many chick flicks as I like. I never, ever have to see a film with violence in it again. Ever!

9. The only laundry I am responsible for is my own. Yay!

10. Need a hug? I have four of the juiciest grandkiddies who can do the job absolutely perfectly. In a nano second. No conditions to meet. No questions asked.

P.S. So, as Valentine's Day approaches, if you are married or coupled, I wish you endless years of love and togetherness.

P.P.S. If you are single, don't despair. Reread my list. Hopefully it will make you feel better until the right man comes along. Remember, falling in love is a bit like becoming pregnantone minute you aren't and the next minute you are.