Evelyn Hannon: Aging Disgracefully


Stephen Harper Have You Lost Your Mind?

I'll gladly pay 64 cents to mail this letter!

stephen harper

Dear Stephen Harper, my esteemed Canadian Prime Minister,

Have you lost your mind?

Phasing out door-to-door postal service for 5 million Canadian households by 2018?
Going from 64 cents for a stamp to an exorbitant $1.00 per letter? What's gotten into you?
You can't blame this mess entirely on the advent of email and online billing, can you? The truth is that that is already an old story but you waited until now to 'slash and burn' to relieve your (our) Canadian debt. I know that Australia, the USA and the UK also face the same problem of email versus posted letter but they still manage to deliver to homes daily. In fact, in a few short years Canada could be the only major industrial country in the world without any door-to-door mail delivery,' says Jon Hamilton spokesman for the post office.
How come, Mr, Prime Minister?
Unless you can convince me differently, it seems you and your Canadian postal service did not think creatively or adapt well to the times. Surely, there are other avenues that could have been taken to reduce the enormous debt the post office is faced with today. Perhaps, as some pundits have suggested, reduce mail service gradually to every second or third day? That might have helped and it certainly would have reduced the sting for older adults like me.
I am almost 74 years old. In five years when the last Canadian letter carrier hangs up his mail pouch, I'll be 79 years old. What then? On a day as cold and as wintery as today, I'll have to get fully dressed to trudge through snow to the closest 'community' mailbox to collect my letters? And when my granddaughter calls from Belgium and asks 'Grandma, did you get the package I sent you?' will I have to admit that it's been far too icy in Toronto for me to venture out to the depot three blocks away?

Stephen Harper, as you get older maybe you'll understand better how I feel today about this whole mail debacle. I am sorely disappointed in you and in Canada Post.

Yours truly,
Evelyn Hannon who is Aging Disgracefully.

I urge all other older adults (and their children and grandchildren) to write a letter now (while it's still a bargain) to tell our Prime Minister how you feel about losing our door to door mail delivery service.

His mailing address is:

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A2