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8 Gifts That All Grandmothers Will Love

You'll never go wrong with these presents

Birthdays, Mother's Day, I Love You Days. You want to show your mom and your children's grandma how much you love her but choosing gifts are getting harder and harder. She already has acquired so many things herself that really, all you are doing is duplicating. And, if it's not to her taste, she won't tell you and your present will be packed away in a closet. I know. I've been there with my own mom.

Now I'm a grandmother with a much better perspective of which gifts make a granny's heart absolutely melt with joy. I'd like to share five of the favorites I've received. Perhaps they will work for your moms, too.

Homemade cards or cards that young grandchildren bought themselves

My bulletin board is covered in homemade tributes from the little ones. Money cannot buy the unabashed sentiments expressed in a five-year-old's missive. Or when they lay out their own 'hard-saved' cash to buy the card and make sure that you know all about it. ie., 'Bubby, I bought this card with my own money.' Love xox Jessie or 'Bubby, this book cost me $8.00 and I paid for it out of my own money.' Love, Lotus.  


Coffee Table Books

Grandmothers love to show off photos of their families. My daughter Erica Ehm hit the birthday present jackpot when via Apple she created a picture book of a European holiday we all took together. Unbeknownst to me she had my grandchildren call me to reminisce about our trip. Speaker phone was on at their end and Erica was able to take notes of my highlights and put them into my book. You can be sure I show that book to every other grandma who comes to visit.

Straight from the heart

For Mother's Day my granddaughter Lotus bought a small heart-shaped box in the dollar store. She painted it red and put her house key in the box inviting me to visit her any time I liked. All I can say is, 'Be still my heart!'

My 70th Birthday

My daughters Leslie Ehm and Erica Ehm bought me a small video camera. On it they recorded mini segments from each member of the family offering their best wishes for the day and for my future birthdays. What an incredible gift. Not only is it useful for my work today but when I'm 90 and sitting in my rocking chair those little 2010 family videos will continue to make my heart sing.

Original art

Grandmas need not spend thousands on original art especially if you have young prodigies in the family. Other grannies can keep their Henry Moores, I will never, ever part with a sculpture called 'Fish Fantasy' created by my grandson Josh when he was three years old. What makes it extra special is that it has a real honest-to-goodness brass plate on it announcing who the artist is. These plates can be inexpensively purchased at engraving shops in malls and they work perfectly on kiddies' art projects that have been framed, as well. 
Now if my family is reading this blog, here are three more things I believe every grandmother young or older would love to receive.


Computer instruction from a grandchild

No matter how young a grandmother is we don't understand computers like our grandchildren do. I'd love an hour of their time to help me solve tech problems that seem difficult to me but are a snap for them. And they know about very cool apps and games that I might like to know about too. That's called 'keeping granny in the cyber loop.'

Shawls and scarves

Younger members of the family throw on a sweatshirt when they are cold. Many grandmothers rely on shawls to do that job. And, for me, scarves are a creative fashion statement as well. So, keep your eyes, peeled, kiddies! I would love the fact that you chose a shawl that especially matched an outfit that you've seen me wear. That shows me that you notice and are doubly caring.


Two months of Netfix

I've heard so much about Netflix and read about its 'cool' factor on Erica Ehm's blog. All I ask is that you get me started with their one month free subscription and your two paid months. Then I can continue on my own. I want to watch Mad Men and all the other TV specials and films everybody is talking about. I believe that all grandmothers should be up to date on their popular culture trivia. It makes them more interesting to talk to. Are you hearing me kiddies?