Evelyn Hannon: Aging Disgracefully


Why I Loved My 73rd Birthday

I celebrated with my family, friends + Carole King!

I adore birthdays. I've liked them ever since I was a little kid. Not just mine; I love everybody's celebration. The anticipation, the guests who celebrate with you, good friends checking in from far away, the cake, the presents. What's not to love? 

Somehow this year my 73rd birthday was more than special with lots of lovely little extra touches that made my heart sing.


Reason #1. My pre-birthday birthday ...
I was born and raised in Montreal. Many of my longtime female friends (30 - 50 year friendships) still live there so this year I hopped the Toronto-Montreal train to party with them. I had three days before my actual birthday and celebrate we did! Lunches and dinners and lots and lots of wonderful conversation and memories. The kind that fills your soul and strengthens you for what life normally dishes out on a daily basis. 
And then there's Sylvain, a Montreal man I met when I was 43, he 33. A man who never forgets to send a birthday greeting no matter where in the world he is. Today he's 63 to my 73 and this time we celebrated face-to-face with a wonderful meal, a bottle of red wine and lots and lots of catching up. His gray hair matches mine now and...  he still makes my heart sing.
Reason #2. My social media birthday...
It began the evening before my birthday—cheery Facebook messages began arriving from people in places all over the world. And then hundreds more continued to roll in via Twitter, email and FB. Each message was sweeter than the next; each message invoked a memory or connection with a special person and I absolutely loved hearing from everybody. My huge thanks to everyone for the juicy pleasure those wishes brought me.
Reason #3. Birthday with my grandchildren ...
I love that the kiddies in our family take equal part in our adult birthday celebrations. My youngest, four-year-old granddaughter was appointed the Happy Birthday singer this year. She was almost pitch perfect and a perfect little imp.
And, as usual, their little homemade cards were designed to melt a Jewish Bubby's heart. And, as usual, they were more than successful.
Of course, I'm still smiling about this one  ---> My 11-year-old granddaughter couldn't wait to give me her gift. She must have thought ... what do you offer a digitally-deficient grandma? She then chose --> a huge 'Guide to iPhone Use' with over 660 pages and proudly announced to me, 'It cost $18 and I paid for it all by myself.'  
Does it get any better than that?
Reason #4. Birthday with my adult children ...
I love Carole King. I played her album 'Tapestry' (circa 1971) an awful lot when my daughters Erica and Leslie were growing up, and they remember it well. So when they spied a 'Tribute to Carole King' scheduled at Hugh's Room, a live music venue and restaurant, they scooped up tickets for the five of us. We ate, we drank, we talked, we laughed and we enjoyed a fantastic show. The complete audience sang Happy Birthday to me and ...
The show photographer asked me if Erica, Leslie, and I were sisters. I loved that; they hated it. Hahaha.
But, the most important part of the night was that I was enjoying an evening out, with the adults who were once the little kids I fed, bathed, scolded, and prepared for life. And today they were honoring me in the nicest way possible and I could see what a juicy job I've done.
And, that's the best birthday present a mom could have.
Reason #5 I love getting older ...
Really! Even if every year I live means one year less that I will be on this earth, I just love being here. Period.
And that's why Birthday #73 was such a gorgeous success!