Evelyn Hannon: Aging Disgracefully


Erica Ehm is Not My Real Daughter...

She must not be, since she fired me

You might see a striking resemblance between us in these photos but I think my daughter, Erica Ehm and my real daughter were switched at birth. If this isn't the truth then why did she treat me this way?

I've been a good mom, baking five-minute chocolate cakes in a mug and guiding her through her formative years. True, I once grounded her from an Eagles concert but that was because her behaviour warranted it. Really!

Let me take you to the root of my complaint.

A couple of years ago, Erica (my pretend daughter) invited me to be the yummy grandmummy on her blogging team. I agreed and gave my posts a lot of attention. My stats showed that I was faring really well.

Then, because of my day job, I fell behind and started to post erratically. Next thing I knew I got the dreaded 'employer is fed-up' phone call.

Erica: Mommy why aren't you posting?

Me: Give me a break, Erica. This month I spoke at three conferences, travelled to Mongolia and Siberia on press trips, had 12 dinner parties, wrote three travel articles, and trained for a triathalon (all lies but hey I was trying to defend myself).

Erica: Mommy, I spoke to Sharon DeVellis and we both agreed. We need to fire you.

Me: That's it? You're firing your mom? Does Sharon hate me because I'm not a speed skater?

Erica: Sorry, Mom. Sharon DeVellis and I agreed. You. Are. Out.

So, with that one conversation it was over and I was left a broken yummy granny blogger.


Until now...

Two years later YMC Editor Ali Martell has invited me to join the blogging team once again (maybe she's my real daughter). I promised her I'd post more regularly.

But I'm going to need your help. Whether you agree with what I write or not, please comment on my blogs. 

That way my evil daughter will never, ever be able to fire me again.

P.S. Erica Ehm I love you fiercely! Sharon DeVellis, it's impossible not to love you, too.