Not-Your-Typical Baby Gifts that Will Secure You Favourite Friend Status

Who needs 100 burp pads, anyway?

You’ve seen those lists out there. They are all titled similarly, like “The Only Baby Registry List You’ll Ever Need” or whatever. Most of them list useful items for baby like soothers, blankets, hooded towels, snot suckers and a few things for Mom, like nursing pads, bras and maybe even that fancy nipple cream.

I admit that I built a registry just like that and we have received some wonderful gifts for both me and Froggy.

Things you should add to your registry that you otherwise won't even think about till you need them.

BUT, as I journey through this pregnancy as a busy modern woman with a full-time job, two blogs, a husband, a dog, two cats and the desire to still remain somewhat sane while being a ‘good mother’ - there are some off-the- beaten path items I feel could be useful when baby arrives and would be great to get as gifts.

Without further ado, my ‘off the beaten path’ baby registry list:

Erin Trafford is a former radio and television broadcast journalist turned DIY blogger; who's obsessed with all things paint and power tools. She's made over entire rooms for less than $500, is frequently seen hauling dilapidated furniture off the curb, and is incredibly proud of the day she decided to nail her old back yard fence to her basement wall.

She love dogs, cats, Han Solo and pie – probably in that order. Erin and her (incredibly patient) husband Dan bought their little house by the sea in 2013, just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. They have been working tirelessly since then to turn it into a castle, one project and one blog post at a time. You can find all their bloggy and house adventures over at DIY Passion. This year they are adding a baby into the blogging and DIY mix, expecting the arrival of their first child in the Fall.