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Why Your Kids Knowing "911" Isn't Enough

Have you taught your kids this extra lifesaving step?

teaching kids to use 911

This week was “Safety Week” in my daughter’s kindergarten. The students had a visit from paramedics, heard the siren and got to look around inside the ambulance. My daughter could hardly wait until I got home to tell me, “If someone is very hurt or very sick, you call 9-1-1!”

For several days, she imparted this wisdom upon all who would listen.  Most adults smiled and doted  upon her for spouting this knowledge. I secretly congratulated myself and thought, isn’t she clever, knowing something that may save a life? I think it was around the eighth time I heard her proclaiming the vital phone number that I realized something rather important: She doesn’t know how to use a phone!

I mean, sure, she knows how to navigate to Netflix or her favourite app once I unlock the phone, but to dial a number? Nope. We don’t have a landline and chances are, if an actual 9-1-1 emergency arose, it would be a cell phone that she’d be faced with.

I took the time to show her how to access the “Emergency” call feature on my phone and we will have a few practice runs on this from time to time. I hope this knowledge will translate to other brands. If you haven’t shown this feature to your kids, you may want to. What good is 9-1-1 if the poor child doesn't know how to dial a phone?

 Teaching Kids Stranger Safety is Not Limited to Strangers