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Start a New Gift Tradition for Kids on Valentine's Day

Celebrate Heart Day without a Candy in Sight!

I'm not against Valentine’s Day. I say if there is a day we set aside to focus a little more on spreading love and kindness, why not? However, I am not a fan of celebrating this, and so many other occasions, with sugar. I continually wag my own war against my sugar addiction and I’d like to give the up and coming generation a healthier start.
The other day, I was picking some things up for Valentine’s Day to distribute to the students in my kindergarten class. There are many students in our community that are in need of basic school and art supplies to inspire their creativity at home, so I focus my wee gift packages on pencils, crayons, erasers and pencil sharpeners - things I hope will be used and not end up in the junk drawer with so many other cheap, broken trinkets.
And as I was shopping, I started thinking of how I want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my own daughter, who has just turned two. I have wonderful memories of holiday celebrations from my own childhood, so I don’t want to let the opportunity pass me by. I also feel I’m setting a bit of a precedent for years to come - starting a tradition that she (and her soon-to-arrive sister) can look forward to this time of year. I looked at the corny stuffed animals and the singing cards, and quickly dismissed them.  
And then this idea popped up on my computer screen. Make Valentine’s Day give a day to give a book! Now that’s a great idea. There are few things my daughter loves more than books and there a few things I love more than sharing books with kids. This is a tradition I can get behind!  My daughter will be getting a wonderful new book or two this February fourteenth and for many to follow.
If this seems like a great idea to you, join me in celebrating International Book Giving Day!  Give the gift of adventure, romance, fantasy, knowledge, imagination and all the other things greatness that comes with giving  book.  And, if you want to take it a step further, spread the love to others who need it.  Donate a book to a hospital, shelter or a great organization that gives books to children who need them.  Check out the wonderful work of Children’s Book Bank, Books for Africa, Room to Read, and The Book Bus.