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The Best Swag at the BabyTime Show

Its the Thought That Counts

by: Erica Ehm

I'm not going to be coy or modest. Of all the samples of snacks, diapers, ointments and gadgets new moms at the Baby Time Show in Toronto were lining up for, I must say the best swag was given out by

While not the most valuable monetarily, what YMC handed out to all the new moms who visited our booth and signed up to be part of the club, was a simple, colourful postcard with wise words for exhausted moms to live by.

Designed by Kat Inokai and written by Sharon DeVellis, these cards were created specifically for moms to hang on their fridges, playful and painfully true words waiting to soothe you on those stressful days when you wonder why you ever decided to have kids in the first place.

When I handed the cards to the new moms and explained what to do with their them, they usually gave me a wide smile and a thank you. But it was the grandmothers who giggled knowingly at the playful mantras we created, cuz they've been there and done that. I imagine many of them had guilt-filled years raising kids, trying to live up to unrealistic expectations of being a perfect parent. This card reminds new parents there's more to motherhood than worrying about perfection. 

For those of you we met at the Baby Time Show, we hope you use your cards well. For the rest of you, here is the list we put together of simple rules to live by to survive the rollercoaster of motherhood. If they resonate with you, use them and pass them on to all your girlfriends with kids. Hopefully it will make a mummy's day just a bit easier.

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