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Sexy Walkable Spring Shoes

Avoiding Shoe Torture with Fly London

by: Erica Ehm

After reading this blog about Shoe Porn, I was inspired to share my own. I'm kind of weird about shoes. As much as I love high heels, I just can't walk in them. I've bought a bunch of seemingly comfortable heels throughout the years, but after half an hour I'm hobbling. I call that shoe torture. So I'm constantly on the lookout for stylish shoes that add height, but are easy to walk in. Usually I give up and buy yet another pair of black boots from Rockport

But I think the tide is turning. Last year I discovered Fly London—a quirky collection of hipster heels. Here are a few of their styles I'm coveting for this summer.

Fly London Bay Blue Sandals

These blue Fly London Bay Blue Sandals are perfect with shorts, jeans or a groovy summer dress. Talk about walkable! Plus, the colour makes me happy.

I love the imagination behind the Fly London Sis design, combining a chunky heel and a wedge. With more sole surface, there's more stability. I haven't tried them on, but I imagine these will let you dance all night long.

Fly London Yula White Shoe

Love these Yuma White Sandals for a perfect mix of casual elegance. These would be awesome with a messy pair of shorts to take the kids out with a long stroller walk. I can also imagine wearing these with sandals for the fancy White Party this year at the Mom 2.0 Conference.

For a more corporate look, I'm digging these Sybil Ruby Heels from Fly London. They're conservative with a wink and a nudge.

And finally, these Black Ikon Heels are the ultimate of party wear for me. However, the harsh reality is, I haven't tried them on and I fear they very possibly could be uncomfortable. Oh well, a girl can dream, right?

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Caveat: Fly London shoes are NOT cheap. Although walking in them isn't painful, the price hurts! Expect to pay between $150 - $250 a pair. OUCH!