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Room For Thought Finalists

Which One Is Your Favourite?

by: Erica Ehm

There is a huge chasm between having a great idea and actually making it happen. As an entrepreneur, I understand how incredibly hard it is to take a thought and turn it into something concrete. There are a ton of obstacles along the way to prevent you from achieving your goal. There's the money needed to fund it, the business plan you need to map it and the team you need to help you build it. Getting all three pieces to align can be the difference between dream and reality.

This is why I am loving the Room For Thought program launched by American Express Canada. On their Facebook page they invited anyone with an idea related to community, travel or music to submit their dream. Today, nine shortlisted ideas were announced!

To get a sense of the kinds of entries received, here's an overview of the winners in the Travel category.

Preserving Time submitted by Robert Postma: My idea is to photograph remote parts of Canada to document climate change. Living in Northern Canada, I’m surrounded by mighty mountains, clear rivers and broad expanses of untouched boreal forest, all of which are threatened by climate change. I propose to travel to remote areas, photograph what may be lost for future generations, and raise awareness of what’s at stake if climate change continues.

Canadian Road Trip submitted by Carl Fortier: My idea is to take the underprivileged on a cross-Canada road trip. I propose a travel group for the underprivileged: a chance to see Canada in its awesome entirety through a good ol' fashion road trip. With the high price of gas, road trips are becoming a thing of the past. I’d like to create a contest for people to win seats on a cross-Canada adventure to show people what they are missing.

The Second Chance Travel Co-op submitted by Evan Malach: My idea is to give underprivileged youth the chance to travel the world. This idea gives the opportunity to travel the world to underprivileged youths who have experienced a survival quest. Helping those who have overcome abuse, disease, or a near death experience, The Second Chance Travel Co-Op offers the adventure of a lifetime to those whose lives were almost lost.

Here's where you come in! Go to the Room For Thought Facebook page, and vote for your favourite program. This stage will last for two weeks. At the end of the voting period, one finalist from each category will have the amazing opportunity to work with a mentor and bring their idea to life.

For the winner in the travel area, Les Stroud, aka Survivorman, will be mentoring the winner through the program. The music finalist will work with musician Emily Haines, and Craig Keilburger - Founder of Me to We, will mentor the community winner. You can vote for one winner in each category!

If you're someone who has an idea but doesn't know how to turn it into something concrete, here's a real smart video with an overview on how to make your concept a reality, so you can realize your potential!


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