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My Itinerary for the Olympics

Thank You Mom in London

by: Erica Ehm

I just printed out my Thank you Mom itinerary. It's 14-pages long! I am going to be so busy in London next week covering the Olympics for P&G! 

So much on my mind! First, I can't help thinking about the general chaos I will be experiencing in London. I heard that a million new visitors will be descending on this Olympic City which makes me feel claustrophobic just thinking about it. Seriously, last year I was in London with my mom and kids on vacation, and the crowds were huge then. Adding a million tourists and a few athletes into the streets of London is going be be....out of control.

I've been warned I may have to wait up to two hours just to get on the Tube. Better to walk. A lot. Often quite far. In streets jammed with people just like me trying to get somewhere Olympic related. Comfy walking shoes is on the top of my packing list. As well as my most awesome Rockport boots which were designed for the Olympics by Cassie Campbell.

Erica Ehm Rockport Canada Olympic Rain Boots

Here's some very exciting news! I am staying at the same hotel as all the moms of the P&G sponsored athletes for the whole week! If you haven't read my first celebratory post about this gig at the Olympics, let me quickly explain. P&G has allocated $500,000 to a fund to bring moms of athletes to London so they can watch their kids compete. Y'know—as a thank you for all their hard work. And I won the lottery by being invited to meet the moms who raised Olympian kids, and capture their amazing experiences at the Olympics.

I imagine each of the moms has received itineraries even longer than mine. Their hosts at P&G are making sure they are going to have the time of our lives. For example, every mom will be receiving complimentary spa treatments. I noticed on my itinerary, I will be spending a few hours at the Wella Salon alongside these proud moms, getting my hair done and as well as a "Patriotic Manicure." Woot!

Highlight for me will be attending Opening Night Ceremonies! (I'm sure for most sponsored moms, opening ceremonies will be a distant second to watching their kids compete.) I've already been warned to arrive two hours before any Olympic event! Can you even imagine the security we will have to go through? But once I'm in my seat, the stress of getting there will be worth it. Academy-award winning filmmaker Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting) is directing the show and I can only dream about how spectacular it will be. 

The next day I'll be getting a tour of the Global Family Home, where P&G will be providing Global athletes, their friends, and families with a place to get away from the crowds and relax during the games. There are a bunch of areas set up to get for moms and the athletes to get pampered at the P&G Beauty Showcase and the babies to get Pampers in the indoor playground area. My favorite area will be the internet cafe. What? I'm addicted.

It seems like I'll be attending three Events—Men's 400m Individual Medley Finals, then Women's 100m Butterfly, Finals plus Men's Cycling Road Race Finals. Don't hate me. It will probably rain.

And, in between all of this, I'll be cozying up to the moms of the athletes to hear their stories and congratulate them on raising amazing kids. Because, when you get down to it, isn't that what the Olympics are really about?

The next time you hear from me I will be jetlagged in the land of Kate Middleton and Fish'n Chips. Let the games begin!

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