Erica Ehm Exposed!


My Fave Summer Shoes

Casual, Yet Sexy Shoes Really Do Exist!

by: Erica Ehm

I'm not a shoe-aholic. In fact, I'm pretty boring when it comes to footwear. Give me a black boot with a chunky heel and a few studs or embellishments and I'm good. I can't bear wearing high heels. I feel like I walk like a duck. Even this couldn't help me. And then my feet kill! How do women do it??

So, my ongoing challenge is to find a pair of shoes that give me some extra height to create the illusion of long lanky legs (as if), while being comfortable and affordable. Usually I buy Rockports.

But this weekend I was at the Shoe Company with my kids, who have both once again, grown out of their school shoes. So while they were trying on runners and sandals, I slipped away to see if I could find some casual, yet sexy, footwear.

And voila!

I found this pair - from the Bob Collection - which I discovered is part of the Sketcher family. A combo of wedge and platform, this beige and white striped canvas shoe is so uber comfy, I can't believe it. Sure, they don't have the same hot quotient as stilettos - but I wore them all day and my feet were happy. And my legs looked long(ish).

Cost to look hot: $50. Cost to have happy feet: Priceless!

Yesterday I showed off my new fave summer dress that cost $15 (don't hate me cuz I shop well). Tomorrow - a new cosmetics line that I'm loving.