Erica Ehm Exposed!


My Conference Aha Moment

How to Survive Conferences like Blogher and Mom 2.0

by: Erica Ehm

When I was invited by Ford Canada to attend BlogHer 2011 in San Diego, not only was I looking forward to getting behind the wheel of some high tech cars, I was also hoping to be inspired by all the amazing BlogHer sessions. And I wasn't disappointed.

The discussion about Success on Our Own Terms hit home. A useful take away for me was suggested by parenting coach Susan Stiffelman who reminded the work at home moms about the importance of being fully present for your kids - something I'm constantly grappling with.

In the Video Blogging session, well known vlogger Jenny Ingram told us about YouTubes's new best practices document which she said is a must read. You can find it here.

Ironically, my biggest aha moment came outside of the actual conference. On three separate occasions, with three different groups of well- known, opinionated bloggers, confessions about social angst flowed. To my surprise, women who give off an aura of social grace and confidence shared their total discomfort meeting people at the conference.

Of course, I too admitted to feeling nervous when having to network with so many successful and inspiring women. And everyone responded with YOU? You're nervous too?

And that's when it really hit home. It's not just me suffering from social anxiety. Everyone else thinks THEY are the outcast, the imposter, the one with nothing interesting to add to a conversation.

Here's a picture that needs to change: A group of successful women sitting in an awesome conference, each one focusing on their nerves rather than the amazing conversation they were in the middle of.

So the next time you're on your way to a social situation like the Mom 2.0 Conference and you start feeling the dread and insecurity starting to bubble up, you can rest assured that everyone else is feeling the same way.

You can thank me when I see you at Mom 2.0!