Erica Ehm Exposed!


If I Were Prime Minister

Why You Should Vote For Erica Ehm

by: Erica Ehm

I have no desire to run for politics. Although I've been much more politically engaged since having kids, which I wrote about in this post, ultimately I'm too self absorbed with taking care of my family and business to become a public servant.

Having said that, I do believe how important it is to have your voice heard during the election and vote. That's why I connected with Karen Green and Emma Waverman who had just launched their Mom The Vote Facebook page and a fantastic Twitter #MomtheVote stream.  I decided to create a Mom the Vote section on YMC to allow mothers to share their point of view on this year's election.

I was kinda shocked to receive an email from the CBC's The National to be featured in their segment What I Would Do If I Was Prime Minister. It forced me to consolidate my personal stance on what's happening in Canadian politics and suggest real solutions.

I could have spoken about daycare, or maternity leave, of better health care and funding for the arts. But there is something bigger that bugs me. I think our political system is broken. We've lost faith in our political leaders who we see as promising the moon before an election and delivering significantly less when elected.

Why does this happen? I can only guess how back door deals are made and compromises happen. The behind the scenes give and take waters down our system and big ideas get done half assed. I have no idea how to fix a system so broken.

That's the inspiration for my speech that ran on the CBC The National news on Friday April 22.

In case you missed it, here's the text of my speech.

If I were prime minister :

I would insist on more transparency and accountability.
So many Canadians are understandably cynical about our current system, where politicians make promises they don't have to keep once they're elected.
No wonder voter turnout fell below 60 per cent for the first time ever in the last election.

If I couldn't deliver on promises I make during the election, I would step down. And that's a promise.

Canadians need to feel more engaged in politics and believe their voice actually matters.
That's why I'd allow more open votes in Parliament and less toeing the of party line.
Besides, no matter what party you support, you can't possibly agree with absolutely EVERYTHING in its platform.
This would allow locally-elected MPs to vote the way their constituents actually want them to vote.
And that's what I'd do if I were Prime Minister Erica Ehm.