Erica Ehm Exposed!


I Am Obese

Tests Don't Lie

by: Erica Ehm

Over the last six months or so, some of my friends have caught me grumbling about getting fat. Inevitably they give me "the talk". They tell me I'm exaggerating; that I'm anything but "fat" and to relax.

But that is exactly my problem. I have been too relaxed. Sitting at my computer, procrastinating away my runs and workouts has had a profoundly negative effect on my body. I can feel it when I pant walking up the stairs. I can see it when I try zipping up my pants. I'm not imagining it.

This weekend just confirmed the sad truth. The good news? I'm not fat. The bad news? According to the scientific testing I did this weekend at The Motion Room where I'm starting to train, I'm actually OBESE. Arrrgggghhhhh!

Now don't start rolling your eyes and telling me these tests are crap and crazy. If you look closely, what the obese designation is based on is the amount of BAD fat on my body compared to muscle mass. Sadly, much of the muscle I've cultivated over the last decade as a semi-devoted runner seems to have dissolved into fat. So now, looking at my body type and size and the ratio of fat on me confirms I am carrying around too much unhealthy fat on my small frame.

I have to say, I am somewhat relieved to know that this is not all in my head. And the fact is, I am doing something about it. After the tests, I had my first hour long workout. Needless to say I worked it! Squats, steps, running, pulling, lifting, sweating, gasping - that was me this weekend.

And it felt great. Ish.

I'm going to be tested again in four weeks. Now I have a goal, for that needle to move from Obese to Acceptable. Little steps, right?