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Personalized Promotion from McCafe

by: Erica Ehm

For five years I've been on the receiving end of packages showing up at my front door with products PR companies want me to review. Occasionally some of these parcels are filled with products I need, which is always fun. Once PR reps from Olay saw me tweeting about moisturizer and sent me a few relevant products which I used and reviewed.

This past week I was sent one of the best packages I've ever had the pleasure of opening up! It came from GolinHarris, the PR agency working with McDonalds, who was given the job of letting women who blog know about the new McCafes popping up everywhere.

Here's what was in the bag:

A coffee mug with my Twitter handle on it.

A pretty stainless steel business card with my Twitter handle engraved on it

A USB stick with my Twitter handle engraved on it

A bag of chocolate covered expresso beans

A bunch of coupons for McCafe lattes and cappuccinos

A map of Toronto with all the locations of McCafes for me to visit.

A personal note from the Sr. Manager of External Communications from McDonalds with this note which read,

Hi Erica,

Mom. Blogger. Business woman. Your work is never done. And break? Those are too few and far between.

Let our McCafe "Break Kit" help you #bringbackthebreak.

One taste of our authentic expresso beverages and we hope you'll be glad you made the time to take some me time.

Let us kow if you lose yourself to a latte or take time for a mocha moment @McD_Canada or

Here's why the package was awesome. It was highly personalized, it was relevant and very thoughtful. It spoke to me with respect and acknowledged how hard I work, that I'm a businesswoman and that I need some me time. Smart on their part because McCafes are wireless and can be a good place for quick business meetings.

It was incredibly well thought out on their end, including they way the layed out their agenda.

And if you're wondering, this post was NOT sponsored by McCafe. They didn't have to. This is my personalized gift back to them. Cuz in my business, it's all about relationships and they've started a great one with me.

So, if you're in the business of trying to win over the hearts of digital moms, take note of this personalized promotion. It worked on me.