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Four Make Up Products I'm Running To Buy

Cosmetics That Work

by: Erica Ehm

I just got "done". And it felt great.

A perk of being a guest on TV talk shows is that often there's a makeup artist onsite to do you. On the rare occasion, it's a makeup artist who is so good you learn new cool techniques or discover new products.

I was asked to be a guest on the Kourtney and Dave Show, a new parenting lifestyle talk show on CMT featuring the country singing husband and wife, who in their spare time, are also raising 3 young kids.

Before going on set, I had the luxury of spending close to an hour in the makeup chair while British ex-pat makeup artist Kerry Vaughn worked her magic on me.

Here's some of the cool products she used on me that I am racing out to buy this week:

Benefit - Eye De Puffer: So she dabbed this stuff on, it started to tingle and then my bags began to shrink a bit. It. worked. Apparently this product isn't available in Canada so I'll have to do some online shopping.

Garnier Tinted Eye Roll On: Who new? Kerry swears by this under eye roller with concealer which she uses as a second stage of losing the bags and darkness under your eyes. This product is available at most pharmacies.

NARS Nico:  This is the powder Kerry used to set all the other layers under my eye. There seems to be a theme here. Clearly I'm needing extra help in the tired eye department. This is a very light powder she lightly brushed over concealer. There is some magic ingredient in this powder with light reflecting qualities, which apparently works wonders.

Benefit Pore Minimize: This is the makeup base Kerry used on me. She applied it with a freaking airbrush, actually blowing the base on me which felt very decadent. This airbrushing technique is effective because it sprinkles the slightest amount of base onto your skin, which you build on. The problem is you can't really do the airbrush thing on yourself because you need to have your eyes closed while spraying. Kerry loves this brand of makeup because it cuts any red in your skin.

TREND WATCH: While she did me, Kerry shared what she's seeing on the runways that dictate the makeup look for spring 2011. And it's not pretty. Expect an emphasis on pale eyelashes and very light to no eyebrows. Shimmer on eyes. 80's bold blush that sits very high on cheekbones. Bold matte lips complete the look.

Are you in?