How to Connect with Bloggers

Personalized Promotion from McCafe

by: Erica Ehm

How to Connect with Bloggers

For five years I've been on the receiving end of packages showing up at my front door with products PR companies want me to review. Occasionally some of these parcels are filled with products I need, which is always fun. Once PR reps from Olay saw me tweeting about moisturizer and sent me a few relevant products which I used and reviewed.

This past week I was sent one of the best packages I've ever had the pleasure of opening up! It came from GolinHarris, the PR agency working with McDonalds, who was given the job of letting women who blog know about the new McCafes popping up everywhere.

Here's what was in the bag:

A coffee mug with my Twitter handle on it.

A pretty stainless steel business card with my Twitter handle engraved on it

A USB stick with my Twitter handle engraved on it

A bag of chocolate covered expresso beans

A bunch of coupons for McCafe lattes and cappuccinos

A map of Toronto with all the locations of McCafes for me to visit.

A personal note from the Sr. Manager of External Communications from McDonalds with this note which read,

Hi Erica,

Mom. Blogger. Business woman. Your work is never done. And break? Those are too few and far between.

Let our McCafe "Break Kit" help you #bringbackthebreak.

One taste of our authentic expresso beverages and we hope you'll be glad you made the time to take some me time.

Let us kow if you lose yourself to a latte or take time for a mocha moment @McD_Canada or

Here's why the package was awesome. It was highly personalized, it was relevant and very thoughtful. It spoke to me with respect and acknowledged how hard I work, that I'm a businesswoman and that I need some me time. Smart on their part because McCafes are wireless and can be a good place for quick business meetings.

It was incredibly well thought out on their end, including they way the layed out their agenda.

And if you're wondering, this post was NOT sponsored by McCafe. They didn't have to. This is my personalized gift back to them. Cuz in my business, it's all about relationships and they've started a great one with me.

So, if you're in the business of trying to win over the hearts of digital moms, take note of this personalized promotion. It worked on me.



I Am Obese

Tests Don't Lie

by: Erica Ehm

I Am Obese

Over the last six months or so, some of my friends have caught me grumbling about getting fat. Inevitably they give me "the talk". They tell me I'm exaggerating; that I'm anything but "fat" and to relax.

But that is exactly my problem. I have been too relaxed. Sitting at my computer, procrastinating away my runs and workouts has had a profoundly negative effect on my body. I can feel it when I pant walking up the stairs. I can see it when I try zipping up my pants. I'm not imagining it.

This weekend just confirmed the sad truth. The good news? I'm not fat. The bad news? According to the scientific testing I did this weekend at The Motion Room where I'm starting to train, I'm actually OBESE. Arrrgggghhhhh!

Now don't start rolling your eyes and telling me these tests are crap and crazy. If you look closely, what the obese designation is based on is the amount of BAD fat on my body compared to muscle mass. Sadly, much of the muscle I've cultivated over the last decade as a semi-devoted runner seems to have dissolved into fat. So now, looking at my body type and size and the ratio of fat on me confirms I am carrying around too much unhealthy fat on my small frame.

I have to say, I am somewhat relieved to know that this is not all in my head. And the fact is, I am doing something about it. After the tests, I had my first hour long workout. Needless to say I worked it! Squats, steps, running, pulling, lifting, sweating, gasping - that was me this weekend.

And it felt great. Ish.

I'm going to be tested again in four weeks. Now I have a goal, for that needle to move from Obese to Acceptable. Little steps, right?


Five Charities That Matter To Me

Making Giving a Better Part of Your Holidays

by: Erica Ehm

Five Charities That Matter To Me

What do the holidays mean to you? Unfortunately, one of the first things that comes to my mind is wasting hard earned cash in the over-consumption of cheap plastic stuff you don't need. It seems like there is so much pressure to give gifts, we end up buying "something good enough" just so you can cross names off your list.

I would like to challenge you to shift the way you spend your holiday gift giving dollars from unnecessary stuff, to giving to those who can really use it. Come to think of it, it's not just about money. You can also donate your time, expertise or goods - it's all a gift. There's nothing better than getting your kids involved in the decision making process, and providing them with a firsthand philanthropic experience to watch them enjoy that feel-good rush we get by doing good.

The first step is finding a needy organization which reflects your interests and values.

Here's my list of national non-profits which resonate with me and my family:


World Vision - I didn't understand the amazing effect World Vision is having in developing worlds until I actually spent time in Malawi with a group from World Vision. I had the unbelievable gift of being taken to many small villages and seeing with my own eyes how our donations are helping build clean water wells, create sustainable farming, and provide education for orphaned kids. Since my visit, we've been sponsoring a little girl named Grace. Most holidays, my dad delves into his Holiday Gift Guide and buys assorted goats, sheep and medical clinics as gifts for my kids. They are proud to know they are making a small donation to some other kids' lives far away.


Huggies Every Little Bottom Program - I'll bet you never really thought about how diapers are a life essential when you have a baby. The sad truth is that so many women living in poverty can't afford to buy diapers for their baby. 1 in 5 Canadian moms have struggled to provide one of their babies’ this most basic need.* Instead they have to wash out and reuse diapers or choose between buying diapers and food. Through the Huggies Every Little Bottom program, you can donate money to help moms buy diapers, or host or attend a Diaper Drive. Last year Candace Derrickx discovered this program and launched into action, running a diaper drive in Ottawa. The idea caught on and Diaper Drives started popping up across the country. Boxes of diapers would make a needy mom's Christmas so much better. Here's how you can start your diaper drive. If you choose to run one, we'd be proud to post the details in our YMC events listing.

Free the Children - Started by a 12-year old Toronto boy determined to fight injustices faced by children in India, Free the Children has grown into a powerful organization that motivates youth to do good. My son and I experienced their We Day mega-event this year, and were inspired by the thousands of youths nationwide who are raising money and changing attitudes for the greater good. My son has started raking our neighbours’ leaves and donating the money to this charity. You can participate in a multitude of interactive programs to help fundraise - even take a family trip to their Kenyan headquarters to have a hands-on experience building a schoolhouse.


Rethink Breast Cancer - Five women in my life are currently battling breast cancer at this very moment. It's rampant. As fate would have it, I was invited to moderate a panel for Rethink Breast Cancer with four breast cancer survivors, making me that much more aware of the challenges we are facing while battling this disease. Rethink Breast Cancer's mandate is to support young adults concerned about or affected by breast cancer through education and research. They can use as much help as they can get to fund their programs. Women supporting women. There's nothing better.


SickKids Foundation - This charity has a special place in my heart. On a very personal note, I'm happy to say I've never had to bring my daughter to this hospital due to a severe anaphylactic reactions, but I'm relieved to know it's there should we ever need it. I know too many families who have had to spend way too much time at SickKids with ailing children, but all are so thankful for the quality of care. Not only does the hospital take care of local children, it is a hotbed of research and development for childhood diseases, with many medical breakthroughs coming from here. When my kids donated their money from their lemonade stand, they were given a plaque of appreciation. What a great gift that is on so many levels. There are all kinds of opportunities to donate and fundraise with SickKids.

Here's are some of the charities my Social Media friends support:

I'm in love with @KarmicEvolution's charity @5DollarProject! So doable and inspiring. Also, the Food Bank & Women's Shelters

Children's Wish, Covenant House, Hadassah Wizo, Sick Kids

Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation. Expansion of the Maternal Health Unit in particular. Much needed and local.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Children At Risk, Ottawa

Here in Ottawa, the Alzheimer's Society and Breast Cancer research

#zacksdreamroom of course! :-)

I'm all about Sick Kids. My DS5 is proof of the amazing dr's and nurses there!!

Big Brothers Big Sisters and United Way.

@Brenda Lewis
MADRE, Women for Women International

@Candace Derickx
World Vision, Because I am A Girl, Canada Food Banks, Kiva, Kids Help Phone.

Make-a-wish Foundation

@Nellie Jacobs
Save a Child's Heart (SACH)

@Ann-Marie Smith Burton
The Canadian Red Cross for sure!!

well, I'm a bit biased :) #redcrosscanada plus I volunteer/fundraise for uganda orphanage. I also love @WWFCanada adoptions

@Alisa Lillico
Youth Emergency Shelter, Peterborough

I am partial to @girlguidesofcan - donate both my time and my money to them!

What are the charities that you support? Tell me about them in the comments below, so we can turn this into a Give Back Guide for moms who want to make the holidays a happier one for all.

* Results of The HUGGIES® Every Little Bottom Study