Erica Ehm Exposed!


A Summer Dress I Love

And You Won't Believe the Price!

by: Erica Ehm

I had half an hour to kill before my son's end of year school play, so I visited my favourite waste of time - aka H&M. Whenever I feel the need for some retail therapy, I can usually find something perfect and cheap! Sorry, not cheap - inexpensive. I found an awesome dress for $15!

But what makes life even better on the fashion front is when the style gods align as they did for me. Depending on what the design mavens decree every year to be stylish, I may be in fashion heaven or hell. When low rise jeans were all the rage, I had to stop wearing jeans for a year or two. Muffin top doesn't work on me. When the empire waist was considered hot, I just looked pregnant so I stayed away from that look.

So, the other day, while doing the hunting and gathering at H&M, I knew this was going to be a good year for me style-wise. Why? Maxi-dresses are hot! Yay and double yay! I find the long drapey look so flattering and effective at hiding lumps and other imperfections. See my interview with Ivanka Trump - we both have the same maxi dress from Anthropologie!

And, to take the euphoria one step further, the layered, unfitted maxi is also hot (again). I remember sewing a version of this dress in Home Economics in grade seven. I think it was referred to as the "Holly Hobby" look. But today, this A-line peasant dress creates the illusion of a perfect body under all that fabric. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

I bought it in the all purpose shade of grey. I plan to dress it up with a multitude of colourful scarves and accessories and take it with me wherever I go this summer.  As long as it doesn't shrink or I don't grow - this will be my fave summer steal!

Yesterday I posted about my new fave face cream! Tomorrow, I'll give you a sneak peak of my new fave summer shoes.