Erica Ehm Exposed!


A Rock Show Saved Me Money

My Journey to Redemption

by: Erica Ehm

I love how a couple of disparate events come together to make something useful happen - like how going to see the band Journey helped me save $502 on my Christmas vacation.

I'm in the process of planning our family holiday for the winter break. It's kind of mind blowing how expensive it is to travel at that time! But, it's the only time the kids aren't in school and my business is in slow mode. I suck it up and fork it out.

As fate would have it, last week I was a guest of American Express at their first year anniversary celebration for their Amex Gold Card. The invite included tickets to see 80's rockers Journey live in concert - a fun chance to check out Arnel Pineda, the hot new leader singer of the band (who was discovered on YouTube).

So I made it a date night with hubby and took my mom along for her first every rock concert!

During the pre-show dinner, there was discussion about Gold Card point redemption. I already know the in's and out's of this card. I even wrote a blog about how I knocked $650 off the cost of our flights to our trip to Cayman Islands with my points. But this dinner reminded me I can still redeem my points retroactively on that same trip.

So, yesterday, I called up Amex to see how many points I've accumulated. I'm proud to say I've chalked up 50,200 points. In less than 5 minutes on the phone with an Amex rep I was credited $502 towards my last year's flights. If I play my cards right, that should cover one of our flights for this holiday vacation.

So, thank you Amex for inviting me to your rock'n roll party and for reminding me to cash in my points. You help make me the rewards whore I'm proud to be.

*This blog was NOT sponsored by Amex. I just like the program. Check out how I sent my sister to China to pick up her baby using points.