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Sarah Blackwood and Erica Ehm Talk Rock & Babies in Her Minivan

How A Devoted Mom Takes her Kids on Tour with Her

by: Erica Ehm
Sarah Blackwood from Walk off the Earth Talks Parenting With Erica Ehm |

On stage with the band Walk of the Earth, Sarah Blackwood is the epitome of Canadian alt-rock cool. She's got the look, the talent, and the attitude.

Off stage, Sarah Blackwood seamlessly transitions to devoted mother of two little ones, her baby and toddler waiting for her on the bands' tour bus post-show.

It's a fascinating life choice, and an admirable one. Sarah is figuring out how to have it all. It's not an easy choice, but the alternative was to give up her career in the music business.

Sarah is on tour of a different kind these days: she is representing a new Loblaws initiative called Babylicious, a dining experience for parents with little kids in partnership with local Toronto restaurants.

Understanding Sarah's time is at a premium, I asked her to jump into my minivan for a short chat so I could get to know her a little better. We talked about how she how she broke into the business, how she manages life on the road with her babies, and she shares some smart parenting tips she's picked up travelling with kids. Plus, we discuss a great new business idea for families!

After spending 10 minutes with Sarah Blackwood in my minivan, I would describe her as charming, focused, curious, delightful, and self aware.

Have a look and tell me what you think! 

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