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This Is What's Keeping Me Up At Night

I'm Sad I Have To Post This

by: Erica Ehm
This Is What's Keeping Me Up At Night

I'm feeling so sad.

Sad we assume celebrities are real-life superheroes. 

Sad for celebrities who believe their own bullshit.

Sad at the imbalance of power.

Sad for all the women, obviously many who I know, who have never shared their painful stories with me. I am there for you.

Sad that my teenaged son is being exposed to terms like BDSM at the time he's digesting concepts of sex and intimacy.

Sad at the commenters littering my social stream attacking each other for not seeing things their way

Sad for all those working in our legal system who are there to protect and defend those wronged, but are faced with a broken system. 

Sad that people you think you know are monsters behind closed doors. 

Sad that I can't get away from the sadness.

Sad that there's so much anger, hurt, disappointment in the air. 

Sad to read my Facebook feed filled with too many heartbreaking confessions of rape, objectification and powerlessness.

Sad that so many have never been given the tools and courage to speak out about any number of injustices they deal with privately.

Sad for my daughter whose innocence will slowly erode as I gently warn her about the opposite sex and how to trust her gut. 

Sad for those secretly broken inside who inflict unspeakable horror on others. 

Sad that I feel guilty; that somehow something I did or didn't do makes me complicit to all the sadness.

Sad I don't have answers.

So sad.


I also felt guilty watching this beautiful video.

And this is why botox makes me queasy.