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YMC Enters Partnership with Corus Entertainment

We complete each other

by: Erica Ehm
Erica Ehm signs deal with Lynn Chambers Corus Entertainment

After eight years running YMC, I finally found the right strategic partner.

I am pleased to announce that YMC has entered into a strategic content and social media partnership with Corus Entertainment, one of Canada's largest broadcasters with a focus on women with kids. As of today, YMC will be working with the teams at W Network, Oprah's OWN Network, Treehouse, YTV, and to reach more awesome moms with the coolest content ever.

Here's why it's the perfect fit. Corus is a national mainstream broadcaster who thinks big, and makes big shows. They also have a gorgeous big head office with a big slide right in the middle of it. YMC is a national grassroots digital company created by moms for moms in our virtual office. Both of us are telling stories, but differently and to different audiences. YMC lives online where the moms hang out, Corus lives on TV where the moms are watching. 

Together we are better. As of today, we are putting our creative teams together to create awesome stories, videos, contests, and whatever else our teams can dream up. Some of it will be sponsored, working with brands who want to connect with moms by creating top notch integrated content. But not all of it. There will be a lot of pure brainstorming to make all of our properties better.

And it isn't just the YMC team of bloggers, experts and foodies who will be co-creating with Corus Entertainment. We'll be inviting a whole bunch of the #YMCCommunity bloggers who create superb content all over Canada to partner with us on some cool projects as well like we already do! 

A big thank you to John MacDonald, VP, Head of Womens & Family Networks who invited me to Corus Headquarters not long ago to initiate the concept of us working together. A huge hug to Lynn Chambers, VP of Client Marketing, for making the union happen so smoothly. Lynn is a leader in the digital publishing space and I am so thrilled to be working with her and learning from her. And a big kiss (as promised) to Dean Shoukas who oversees digital sales at Corus, for making this happen glitch free. And then there's Philippe, Emma, Sue, and Jess, we cannot wait to start the brainstorming!

It's time to crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. But first I have to pick up my daughter at school, make dinner, and do some laundry. Ah, the glamour.