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Girl Power and Pink LemonAid for Because I am a Girl

How Your Child's Small Actions Can Make Big Changes

by: Erica Ehm
Girl Power and Pink LemonAid for Because I am a Girl

I pick the non-profits I want to support carefully. When there is an organization that focuses much of its attention on postive change for girls and women, then it gets my attention. Plan Canada launched the Because I am a Girl global initiative to "end gender inequality, promote girls’ rights and lift millions of girls — and everyone around them — out of poverty." This means that funds raised through Plan Canada can help developing countries improve girls’ access to clean water, food, healthcare, education, and protection from violence and exploitation.

I was invited to spend an few hours at the Canadian head office and hear about the outstanding work this organization is doing. I saw photos, heard stories, and was inspired by the passion of the staff in the room. What got me very excited is their Pink LemonAid program that kids coast to coast can participate in.

When I came home from the Plan Canada office, I brought home a How to Host a Pink LemonAid Stand Kit filled with all the promotional material you need to get started. All we had to supply was cups and pink lemonade. 

As important as it is to improve the lives of girls around the world, for me it's also important to empower our own girls (and boys) with knowledge and the tools to become generous global citizens. Part of the Plan Canada program that captured my attention is the focus they're putting on getting girls involved in raising money and awareness with Because I'm a Girl through the Pink LemonAid program.
The premise is simple. Sell pink lemonade and raise money for Plan Canada. Their tag line "Small actions drive BIG change" is smart. Get our kids involved in something fun and easy, social and summery and you're looking at a win/win situation.

My daughter is nine years old and adores lemonade stands. We live on a highly trafficked street, so she's learned that she can make quite the killing by putting on the charm and pouring some drinks for the passers-by. She loves all the attention she gets from the neighbours, and can't wait to practice her math skills by counting the coins she's earned.

Because my daughter is a lemonade stand veteran, she decided to sell each cup for one dollar since it was going to such a good cause. Plus, it was about 33 degrees outside so she knew she would have line ups.

Jessie and I braved the heat for half an hour. In that short time she raised $42 for Because I am a Girl. How? Many customers didn't ask for change because they were so impressed with my daughter's knowledge of and passion for Plan's program to help girls. She was so proud knowing she was contributing money to make girls' lives around the world better.

And I was proud watching my little philanthropist feel good by doing good.

This summer, why not show your kids the website and suggest they have a Pink LemonAid stand? They can even download a Pink LemonAid kit to help with signage and background information make the stand extra professional :) Make sure you explain the initiative and how their small actions can make BIG change in the lives of girls around the world. 

Hurray for Pink Girl Power! Want to be seriously inspired? Watch this video featuring my daughter and three other tweens who put together this video for families on how to run a Pink Lemonaid stand 

In developing countries, girls are denied basic human rights—simply because they are girls. 
Because I am a Girl is a global initiative to end gender inequality, promote girls’ rights, and lift millions of girls—and everyone around them out of poverty.
Learn more about the initiative and how you can create your own Pink LemonAid Stand to raise money and awareness for Because I Am A Girl. 
Your small actions can drive big change.