Erica Ehm Exposed!


Taylor Swift Concert Style

No Wardrobe Malfunction Here

by: Erica Ehm

This past Saturday I took my 9-year-old daughter to see Taylor Swift's Red Tour at the Rogers Centre in Toronto along with 45,000 other mothers and daughters. It was a special night for us — it was my daughter's first concert, which I consider a rite of passage from girlhood to tweendom. Of course my daughter and I got all dressed up for the show, because a Taylor Swift show is all about style. 

So rather than review the show's songs, which you already know from the radio, I thought it would be more fun to show you a variety of stylish outfits Taylor Swift wore onstage for her concert. She made her grand entrance wearing a black porkpie hat, a demure long-sleeved white satin top and skinny black pants.

The theme for the night was red — Taylor's fave colour. I didn't capture them on camera, but an accessory highlight for me was her sparkly red flats that matched her bold red lipstick.  Even her microphone was covered in red sparkles.

The next look was a gorgeous red short halter top bodysuit designed by Marina Toybina with a flowing long red shirt open in the front showing off her long legs. (How tall is she anyway?) But the skirt stayed on for only one song, and in a flash was replaced with this simpler short white polka-dotted skirt more appropriate for banjo picking.

The thing I loved about Taylor Swifts costumes? They were age appropriate for her mostly teen girl audience. From the tasteful, button-up silk shirt above or the high school look below, this is a girl I want my daughter to emulate. A simple black and white long sleeved shirt designed by Michael Kors, red jeans by La Joie and a varsity style jacket designed by Charlotte Russe, her hair pulled back into a simply high ponytail made clean cut hip. She reminded me of Betty from the Archies.

Then, in a quick-change flash, preppy Taylor Swift disappeared, emerging in a stunning Cinderella-inspired gown designed by Alexander McQueen. I loved the juxtapositioning of Taylor belting out her tunes and controlling the stage, yet wearing a romantic, old-fashioned gown. I can only imagine every girl in the room wanted to be Taylor Swift at that very moment.

And from the light, we go to the darker style side. Black corset with short black shorts and high black boots was a little racy for the little girls in the audience — much more Madonna S&M territory than I was expecting for my 9-year-old daughter. 

A gorgeous black buster-style top with a semi-open back and a playful tulle Moschino skirt which glowed ethereally under the spotlight. The simple black and white combination is strong and elegant on stage. Her bold red lips finish the look off perfectly. No wardrobe malfunctions here.

She slips off stage while the band plays for another quick stage, and comes out wearing this! Just wow — a gorgeous princess gown designed by J Mendel perfect for her song Love Story. I could almost hear 45,000 moms and daughters sigh with satisfaction when she hit the stage, sparkling in this gorgeous gown with a (literally) handsome prince by her side. 

The show ended with a glittering fashion bang! Taylor Swift's last outfit was designed by Marina Troybina — perfect for the ringmaster of a rock'n roll circus! The teen audience screamed their appreciation for their 22-year-old role model who wowed them with poise, positivity and a serious onstage wardrobe.

In my day, we used to run to the record store and buy the artist's record after a concert. But all my daughter and I want to do after this show is go shopping for clothes! It's awesome having a daughter!

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