Erica Ehm Exposed!


Crowdsourcing a Bar Mitzvah

Oy, the stress

by: Erica Ehm

You have no idea how shocking it is to wake my son up in the morning and see a beautiful young giant roll out of bed. My baby boy is almost a man. What's even more disturbing is that my son is having a Bar Mitzvah this year and I have no idea what kind of party to throw. Yes, it's all about priorities.

In all seriousness, in the Jewish culture, when a boy turns 13 and morphs into a man, a big birthday party is called for. But exactly what that party looks like is up to each family. The traditional Bar Mitzvah bash seems to be a somewhat pared-down version of a wedding—a sit-down dinner for friends and family with a loud DJ for the 13 year olds. Fancy. This doesn't appeal to my family. My son is more down to earth, verging on hippy. And I am...frugal. 

I've heard some creative ideas lately but nothing has resonated with my son. We are seriously considering the big trip to Israel so my son (actually all of us), can see first hand where it all began. But we're not 100% sold.

Basically, I'm stuck. So I think it's time to crowdsource my son's Bar Mitzvah bash. This where you come in. Can you suggest a concept for my boy's Bar Mitzvah? Something with meaning? Fun for old and young? Not toooooo expensive. 

I am sitting by my computer waiting for your ideas. Time is ticking. Help!