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When Brands Get It Right With Bloggers

Dairy Queen's Deliciously Sweet Surprise

by: Erica Ehm

There is an uncomfortable dance going on between bloggers, brands, and PR companies. I see the myriad ways brands are trying to connect with bloggers, often unsuccessfully, in the hopes said blogger will promote company's product or service, preferably for free. Conversely, people who post are hoping to make a few bucks leveraging their "influence" on behalf of brands.

It's a thing of beauty when blog and brand connect in a mutually beneficial way, both sides pleased when they achieve what they need.
On a personal level, as a publisher of a site which features a stellar cast of talented bloggers, I am of the mind that the brand should pay for exposure. It's called advertising.
But I'm also not heartless and appreciate a job well done, like this fantastic package I was sent by a PR agency last year. So it is my utmost pleasure to proudly promote Dairy Queen's new incredibly delicious nut-free, gluten-free ice cream cakes. Here's why.
Two weeks ago, someone from Publicis PR Agency asked if they could deliver something sweet to me. "As long as it's nut free" I replied. He assured me that was the case and then I forgot about it. 
Five days later, there's a knock at my door. Holding a big cake box with ribbon looking suspiciously like a YMC logo are two guys from Publicis (not a courier!).
I guess I looked surprised because one of the guys launched into this incredibly sweet speech about how proud they were of YMC for being a finalist in the Canadian Online Publishers Awards. My jaw dropped! These guys had really done their research! They continued by telling me their client Dairy Queen wanted to celebrate moms for their achievements with a celebratory ice cream cake. They handed me a handwritten personalized note reiterating this story. 
And then they presented me with one of the most amazing cakes I've ever received. Not exaggerating.
No, this was not just any cake. This was the cake among cakes. First, it was stunningly gorgeous with a big YMC logo on it. Apparently anyone can now order a personalized cake like this. It was NUT-FREE, and gluten free. As a mom of a nut allergic child, this is terribly exciting and impressive. This means we can have personalized ice-cream cakes for all our parties now!  And it was DELICIOUS. Basically, they floored me.
So now that I have my wits about me, I want to thank those two nice guys from Publicis (I forgot their names because I was so surprised) for really taking the time to "pitch me" in a thoroughly meaningful way. And thank you to Dairy Queen, not just for celebrating moms, but for making a nut-free, gluten-free cake families can safely enjoy. I will spread the word to anyone who will listen. Good job!