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Thank You!

by: Erica Ehm

YMC is my baby. I launched it almost six years ago to connect with other moms so we could celebrate and commiserate the realities of modern motherhood. It's grown into a magnificent tapestry of mothers' voices. Through all the posts and articles we publish, you see life through the prism of motherhood. This site only exists because of you. If you don't read YMC, it withers and dies. And if you don't write for us, there are fewer voices and storytellers to for us to learn from. 

I love getting feedback on what we're doing right....and wrong. If you have a complaint, we try and address it asap! As painful as it may be sometimes, that's how we learn and grow.

And the good feedback? Well, that's what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Here are a few awesome comments from YMC readers I wanted to share. They mean so much to me and to the whole team who make YMC come alive every day. So thank you to every women below who took the time to comment.

"No one could prepare me for how lonely and overwhelming motherhood can be. I signed up, starting receiving the newsletter and found myself excited to devour the info. With hair full of comet vomit and Mum Mum's and not a single piece of clean clothing within reach, YMC got me through this phase and all the subsequent phases of Motherhood. This is such an edgy community of Moms who want and will have it all. It has provided me with hope, inspiration and a million new ideas for Motherhood. They say it takes a village to raise a child and YMC is my village. Thank you!"
Jacqueline in Toronto

"YMC first caught my attention because it's Canadian and it's so nice to have a mom-focused site that feels relevant to me. Most websites for moms are full of generic content you could find anywhere but YMC's not like that and it keeps me coming back."
Robin from

"I found the YummyMummyClub a few years ago while I had 3 very young children at home—all in diapers—and I was seriously questioning my sanity. I was originally drawn to YMC because of Erica Ehm- there was one of my teenage idols - beautiful, poised, successful and a MOM! If she could navigate the insanity of motherhood without completely losing her cool, maybe I could too! ...The YMC community is unique. So many mommy-communities are completely focused on shades of pink and baby blue and if it doesn't have to do with diapers or potty-training there doesn't seem to be much to talk about. Those topics are great and certainly have their place... but sometimes a mommy just wants to escape a little bit from the world of spit-up and tantrums. That's where YMC comes in!
Tara from

"I love YMC because, although it's made for moms, it still speaks to "woman" inside me...I'm proud to be part of the YMC family."
Yukari in BC

"I’ve been a long time reader over at YMC because Erica curates quality content. Period. The newsletter headlines ALWAYS draw me in, and get at least one click through from me every time. "
Deanna T. from

"As an old married couple, my husband and I have a few routines that no one could break us of. He opens the front door and grabs the newspaper and I open my laptop and begin my morning read. The Yummy Mummy Club was one of the very first online magazines / virtual communities that I ever joined.  You have been a consistent part of my daily routine for a few years now.   Thank you Yummy Mummy Club for providing such a wide range of interesting topics, fabulous contests and cool products. 
p.s. I'm totally loving your new look!"
Shannon,  Yummy Mom of 4 - Kitchener, Ontario

"I have met some wonderful women through your Club"
Marcy B. in Ontario

"As a busy SAHM mama of 4 wee ones 6 & under my day is filled with spilt milk, sticky fingers and cartoons, as it has been for over 6 years now. During these amazing years of juggling family, dinner, and chores mama has been so grateful to find YMC, as my central hub to all things mommy. When I need a laugh it has some giggles for me, when I need a cry it has a bit of those too, tips, advice, a chance to win a contest. YMC has been a very important part of my routine as a SAHM, you can think of it like my soap opera (since All my Children has been cancelled) "
Tammy M from

Want to have your say? You can always "spill it" here—tell us if there's something missing from the site, if you like what you're doing (or not) or anything else that strikes your fancy on this page. I'm listening.