Emily Chung: Mummy Mechanic


Trucks: Bigger is better

Monster Truck-style, of course!

I sat in my auto technician apprenticeship class, waiting for it to start. Everyone was chit-chatting away… three guys in front of me were talking about how they went off-roading and one got his truck stuck. The other’s truck couldn’t pull it out so they had to call in the third guy to rescue them in his bigger truck. It was a great story, the guys (in their 20s) definitely got a kick out of the adventure…and I was thinking ‘you did what? In the middle of where? And it was a school night?’ (Note to self, turn off mothering instincts in class).

Crush Station getting some air

I reflect on my own boys, aged 4 & 5, and they’re all about the trucks and cars. They smash, crash and bash them, they get so much laughter and excitement from it!  My husband and I decided to take them to their first Monster Jam at the Rogers Centre this year. I was dreading it…large crowd, lots of commotion, unsure if our kids would get bored, etc. I was mostly telling myself that I would be going for the kids but I found myself caught up in the races and the tricks. The amount of skill to pull off some of their stunts is amazing and respectable. If you’ve never been and you’ve got kids who love everything that moves, I strongly suggest you go!

What’s best about the Monster Jam is the Pit Party before the race. You get to see the monster trucks & their team up close and personal, those things are huge! Weighing in around 10,000 lbs, these trucks definitely command the monster title. Also part of the program were FMX bikes (they do some pretty awesome tricks!), ATV race and a good ol’ fashion demolition derby. 

Don’t forget your earplugs though, it gets very loud in there with the engines revving up. Your heart pretty much beats at the same rate as the engines. Let’s not forget to mention that when the classic Grave Digger monster truck made its grand entrance, grown men are cheering like us girls at a Backstreet Boys concert. This year's Monster Jam debuted our very own All Canadian Monster Truck team—Northern Nightmare, driven by Cam McQueen.

Monster truck Brutus

 Our very own All Canadian Monster Truck team - Northern Nightmare

It was a great family event and our boys loved it. And as I tucked them in that night, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’ll ever have to worry about them getting stuck in their trucks in the middle of nowhere—on a school night! As they say, boys will be boys. (sigh)