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Buy A Fiat, Buy A Boob Job

Clearly a cry for advertising help

Hey, if you can't sell the car based on its own merit why not show a guy diving right into a girl's huge cleavage? Watch this Fiat ad.

Talk about trying to sell to emotions. The Fiat Palio ad ends with this blurb—Palio: For The Best Time Of Your Life. I guess, sure.. for some guys the best time of their life would be to dive right into a massive cleavage. I can't even imagine the brainstorming session when they tried to come up with ideas to sell the 'best time of your life.' Apparently, the advertising agency (Leo Burnett Argentina) described this ad as covering "...a very monumental moment in a couple's relationship."

Some have questioned it as the most offensive car ad ever. While I wouldn't go far as to say it's the 'most offensive car ad ever,' I definitely can't see the relevance between the cleavage-ish and the Palio. I nominate it for the Most Foolish Car Ad Ever.

It's too bad because the Fiat Palio is a cute little car.

2012 Fiat Palio
According to Carmansion.com, the “...development of the new Fiat Palio required about 824,000 hours from the company's engineers... [The Palio was] driven for more than 1.7 million kilometers before the final product could now hit the streets. Almost 3,300 new components make up the car. In terms of quality, reliability, endurance and strength, no effort was spared to provide the Fiat customer the best.” And all that effort and energy summarized with a 60 second foolish ad that doesn't even tie in the product well.
You know how they say 'sex sells'? Well they also say 'a product should sell itself.' I think these Fiat advertisers just graduated from the wrong school.