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One Reason To Keep An Old Phone

An essential part to your car's emergency kit

Old cell phone emergency kit

It seems like people are getting new phones all the time, left, right, and centre. Before you throw away your old phone, consider this: Did you know that according to the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission), you can use your old phone to make emergency 911 calls?

Here's what they say: "If you have a cell phone but are not subscribed to any service, you can still dial 911 in an emergency and get basic wireless 911 service."

So, if you have an old cell phone that used to have service, you can still use it to make a 911 call. The only thing is that you must remember to keep it charged! My recommendation is to pack the old cell phone and charger in your car's emergency kit. Every once in a while, take it out to give it a full charge. 

What other use do you have for an old cell phone?