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Towing A Stroller

YouTube video: woman tows stroller with scooter

A recent YouTube video shows a woman on a scooter towing a baby carriage across a busy road. It’s earned comments along the lines of ‘most horrible parenting.’ Can you believe this video?! What’s not clear is whether or not there’s actually a child in the stroller.

The video is reportedly taken in China. The woman attempts to cross three lanes of traffic, narrowly missing a sedan. She lets the car pass, then makes her way to the furthest-right lane… for slow moving vehicles of course. This video caught my breath just like this one I watched about the infant ejected from a car

Two things come to my mind: 1) I hope and pray there’s no child in that stroller and 2) I can’t imagine what she must be going through that would cause her to think that towing the stroller would be a good idea.

What’s your initial reaction?