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Canada's Worst Intersections

The East Coast is looking good

Earlier this year, Michael Small reported on Canada's most dangerous intersections based on information he gathered from national and provincial accident statistics between 2002 and 2004. According to his findings, 30% of vehicle deaths and more than 40% of serious vehicle injuries occurred at intersections. Furthermore, Small indicated that over 20% of intersection deaths and serious injuries happen between the rush hours of 3pm and 6pm. Yikes!

Yes, as drivers we should be driving alertly and with caution, but Small also attributes these intersection collisions to "...opposing traffic converging at one point; distracting signs and blinking lights; abrupt stops and red light gambles; [and] pedestrians crossing".
Here's the rundown, and props to the East Coast for staying off the list!
1) Vancouver: Knight St Bridge and SE Marine Dr Off/Onramp 
2) Calgary: Deerfoot and 16th Ave NE 
3) Winnipeg: Kenaston Blvd and McGillivrary Blvd 
4) Winnipeg: Leila Ave and McPhillips St 
5) Calgary: Glenmore Trail and Deerfoot Interchange 
6) Montreal: Highway 40 and Stinson 
7) Winnipeg: Grant Ave and Kenaston Blvd 
8) Montreal: Dickson and Notre Dame 
9) Montreal: Highway 15 and De Salaberry
10) Vancouver: Burrard St Bridge and Pacific St On/Offramp
11) Vancouver: East 1st Ave Off/Onramp and Rupert Street Offramp and TransCanada Highway 
12) Toronto: Kennedy Rd and Sheppard Ave E 
13) Toronto: Kennedy Rd and Steeles Ave E 
14) Toronto: McCowan Rd and Sheppard Ave E 
15) Edmonton: Yellowhead Trail and 127th St 
16) Edmonton: 107th Ave and 142nd St 
17) Edmonton: 90th Ave NW and 85 Street NW 
18) Ottawa: Hunt Club Rd and Riverside Dr 
19) Ottawa: Belfast Rd and St. Laurent Blvd  
20) Ottawa: Baseline Rd and Woodroffe Ave  
Image via think4photop / freedigitalphotos.net