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Rustproofing Or Undercoating?

Pick the right one

The purpose of rustproofing your car is to slow down or inhibit corrosion. Did you know that not all rustproofing services are alike? In some cases you're really throwing your money away.

My cars are rustproofed every year because I want them to last. My husband's 2004 Corolla has over 345,000kms on it and we're planning to keep it as long as possible. I don't miss the car payments at all!
We get a lot of questions from our clients about rustproofing and it's always my pleasure to refer them to Krown because they do a proper rustproofing job. Also, their product is environmentally-friendly.
So what is a proper rustproofing job? Many companies use coating products that are designed to cover over areas that are susceptible to rust (commonly known as undercoating). This is an issue because it only covers up the area. If the area is chipped, then it's no longer protected. Also, moisture can enter through the exposed area and become trapped against the vehicle's frame.  
If you're going to spend money to protect your car from rust, get a rustproofing oil treatment (like Krown). The oil actively repels moisture, and gets into the tightest seams. It also acts as a lubricant for moving parts of the vehicle such as door locks, brake cables, etc.  
You can still protect cars that already have rust from further corrosion. It's important to have this treatment done every year especially because of the harsh road chemicals used for de-icing our roads. 
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Image courtesy of Krown Rust Control