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The Tidy And Free Way To Build With LEGO

Stop The Brickin' Madness!

When you think of LEGO, the words “tidy” and “free” aren’t usually words that come to mind. Personally, I’ve spent a small fortune on those little bricks and as for tidy well…. let’s just say there is a room in our house called “LEGO Land.”

Seriously, it’s like the pieces multiply overnight and spread themselves all around our house. The little clear bricks like to take root right by my side of the bed, so I can find them easily first thing in the morning with my bare feet.

It’s brickin’ madness, isn’t it?

It would be nice to have a warehouse with it all neatly organized, but that’s not a reality for most of us. Sigh.

 **Used by permission,® 2014 The LEGO Group

However, LEGO parents, I am about to save your sanity. Did you know that there is a way your kids can enjoy LEGO that is absolutely free and takes NO space in your house at all?

Say hello to LEGO Digital Designer — also referred to by those in the know (11-year-old boys) as “LDD.” 

LDD is a free computer program that is available for both Mac and Windows platforms. Kids (and parents) can build anything and everything with virtual LEGO bricks and elements. Anything and everything. And I mean everything.

Recently our family went to see a performance of The Blue Man Group. It was incredible and the kids were captivated by the music, humour, and technology behind the show.

What does this have to do with LEGO and LDD, you ask?

Because the next morning, my inspired son sat down at the computer and by the time my coffee had brewed he designed this:

Now his work of art is up on the fridge and we’re easily able to share an image of it with family and friends. And my blog.

Pretty cool isn’t it? And no clear bricks were stepped on in the making of this creation.

Note: this post wasn’t sponsored by LEGO and I was not compensated in any way for it. Other than my sanity, that is.

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