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The Problem With Facebook

The Video That Explains It Perfectly

Show of hands, anybody frustrated by Facebook? Me too.

It seems that I keep seeing the same posts by the same people, who happen to be the ones I interact with the most. Same goes for pages - the ones that I click “like” or comment on are the ones that pop up in the newsfeed most frequently.

Even though I am a big user of Facebook lists, even they seem to be failing me right now.

And anyone who is the admin of a Facebook page for a brand knows that getting your message out to your fans can be a difficult talk to accomplish. In essence it seems simple — build a page, get fans, share news, engage — easy enough, right?


There’s a problem with Facebook and lucky for us, this video by Derek Muller from Veritasium explains it perfectly.

When you see and hear it explained it like that, it’s quite eye-opening. There definitely IS a problem with Facebook and as Facebook grows, the problem is growing. Facebook has taken control of what it’s users see in order to make money from them.


I feel like Facebook has us all by the short and curlies, holding us as users and page admins hostage unless we pay up. There is nothing good about that at all. YouTube doesn’t do that and neither does Twitter. Will it change? No idea. I hope it does because as it is right now, it’s more frustrating than fun.

Are you frustrated by Facebook? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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