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Think Twice About Using Your Technology On Friday The 13th

What To Look For, What To Avoid.

I was raised in a household where certain events, dates, times had a Welsh superstition attached to it. I’m not talking about your basic walking under ladders kind of superstition, I’m talking about much more than that.

On the 1st of every month, the first words out of your mouth should be “White Rabbits.” If you see the moon through any sort of glass, obviously spit on your money and turn it over. If your foot is itchy, you are going to travel. If you left hand is itchy, you are going to lose money. Right hand, get money. Bird flew into the house? Yeah, someone’s going to die. And whatever you do, never, ever leave a house from an entrance different from the one that you entered in. Trust me.

So, you can just imagine how I am around Friday the 13th. I become a walking encyclopedia of dos and don’ts that is borderline Sheldon Cooper fanatical.

And because technology sometimes has a tendency to kick us all in the butt sometimes, I am VERY cautious around my technology when Friday the 13th rolls around.

Here’s what you should look for and what to avoid with your technology on Friday the 13th. Please don’t ask me for the reasoning behind this. Just do as I say.

  • Don’t reboot your computer.
  • Don’t buy or sell any technology.
  • Don’t even think of opening up an email that looks like a chain mail letter.
  • In fact, ignore your email for the entire day.
  • Those Facebook posts that say “share if you agree”? Unfriend the person that posted it.
  • Be very careful of what you post on Facebook on Friday the 13th. Whatever you do, do not mention that it IS Friday the 13th.
  • When tweeting, make sure you do NOT have 13 characters left in your tweet, or write a tweet that is only 13 characters. Seriously.
  • New apps and software updates? They can wait until Saturday the 14th.

Essentially what I’m saying is, if you’re like me then tread lightly on Friday the 13th for anything to do with technology. Treat your devices, laptops, and computers with the ultimate care. Don’t overwork them. Let them sleep.

Trust me on this one.